1st Aug 2023

CIFF is a not-for-profit community association dedicated to presenting an annual retrospective film event.  Our mission is to expand our cultural life with narratives from the deep past of cinema around the world, especially celebrating the work of Australians either in their home-land or overseas.

CIFF hopes to stimulate an enrichment of present-day film culture by exploring methodologies and ideas from the past, too often forgotten and over-looked, rarely available to see on a big screen, and too often difficult to access in any form.

All of our screenings are contextualised by experts and enthusiasts, and are presented with the intention of stimulating thought and dialogue, as well as providing pleasure and entertainment.

To achieve our goals, we rely on community support and philanthropic contributions.

Please help us with a tax-deductable donation through the Australian Cultural Foundation.  This link will take you to our donation site:


You can also support us by sharing our information and by bringing friends and family to our screenings.

Thank you!