Privacy Policy


The Canberra International Film Festival INCORPORATED is a not for profit association subject to the Associations Incorporations Act 1991 and the Associations Incorporation Regulations, (CIFF) which promotes cinematic arts presented as an opportunity for audiences to interact with members of the film community, learn from each other, and through this the promotion of ideas and creativity principally through the Canberra International Film Festival, which it holds annually.

This policy sets out how CIFF and its related entities collect, hold and disclose personal information.

CIFF is committed to complying with the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and protecting the personal information that you share with us.

We understand the importance of maintaining your trust and confidence and shall use all reasonable measures to ensure that the personal information you provide remains private and is used only as set out in this policy.

What kinds of personal information do we collect?

All information collected by CIFF is for the purpose of performing its functions associated with (among other functions) conducting CIFF.

Generally, CIFF will obtain personal information directly from you. For the CIFF Website and the Services and applications to operate effectively, access to personally identifiable information may be required, such as your name, address or email address. If you obtain Services with CIFF, the information you provide may be recorded, stored and used for the purposes stated below.

You hereby consent to the collection of your personal information and device data in accordance with this policy. The personal information that you provide to CIFF is held on our secure servers. This information is shared with CIFF, its affiliated companies and subcontractors on a need to know basis.

When you visit our Website and use CIFF Services and applications we receive information from your browser or mobile device and store that information on our secure servers, including but not limited to, the unique identifier for your mobile device, your IP address, the time and date of access, membership and subscription status, purchase and transaction information, the latitude and longitude of any location-based search you perform, search text and parameters, files/listings accessed, version of our application that you are using, cookie information, URLs and source information or the documents and web pages you request and content of the documents and web pages you request.

That data is used and stored on servers owned by a CIFF supplier. Third party web content may be requested through CIFF Services. Requests for web content may require a direct connection to third party systems or may also travel through proxies. Proxies may include CIFF and/or third party proxy servers. Proxy servers may use and store information about those requests.

You acknowledge that any third party server or software is outside of the control of CIFF. We make no representation or warranty in relation to, and assume no responsibility for, the accuracy or completeness of third party content or the privacy practices of any third parties. You accept that in accessing the Website and using CIFF Services your information may be transmitted to third parties, that those third parties may be hosted overseas and that third party content is neither endorsed nor recommended by CIFF.

Please Note: We may allow third parties to serve advertisements on our Website and include links and support connections to third party websites. Such third party websites may include websites hosted overseas. We do not control their use of cookies or other data collection technologies or practice. To prevent the use of Cookies users can disable a browser’s ability to accept cookies; this may limit the functionality of the CIFF Services. Advertising can also be limited by subscribing to the premium service.

How do we collect and hold personal information?

We will generally collect personal information:

  • from you directly when you provide your details to us;
  • from you indirectly through emails, forms, face-to-face meetings, interviews, registration and attendance at seminars, business cards and telephone conversations and through use of the services and facilities available throughour websites and social media channels (including our blogs and LinkedIn channel); and
  • from third parties in some instances, for example, we may use third parties to analyse traffic at our website, our blogs and social media channels, which may involve the use of cookies. In some circumstances we may collect personal information about an individual from a third party, for example, a report provided by a medical professional or an employment reference from another person.

We will take reasonable steps to protect the security of personal information. Our personnel are required to respect the confidentiality of personal information and the privacy of individuals. We take reasonable steps to protect personal information held from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure, for example by use of physical security and restricted access to electronic records. Where we no longer require your personal information we will take reasonable steps to destroy it.

What do we use the information we collect for:

The information we collect may be used for:

  1. the purpose you provided it to us, such as account registration, membership, subscriptions or to complete transactions and reasonably related purposes;
  2. to verify your identity;
  3. to provide customer service and review issues with your membership or your use of our Services;
  4. to update you on changes to our Services, this privacy policy and other administrative communications;
  5. to authorize payment, whether through secure third party credit card processing gateways or other payment methods;
  6. to improve our products and Services;
  7. to customize the content available through our Website;
  8. to enable you to share your experiences using our Services with others;
  9. to allow you to log in, share information or “like” us through social media accounts; or
  10. to help provide technical and product support to our users.

How can you access and correct your personal information? Simply contact us to access or correct any information you have submitted to the CIFF website.

Subject to the exceptions set out in the Privacy Act, you may seek access to and correction of the personal information which we hold about you by contacting our Festival Director via We will require you to verify your identity and to specify what information you require.

Updates to this Policy

This Policy will be reviewed from time to time to take account of new laws and technology, changes to our operations and practices and the changing operating environment.