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7:30PM - 26th Oct 2018

#1 in a series of three films featuring cinematography by Australian Robert Krasker

With Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, Orson Welles, Trevor Howard

Reed’s masterpiece, and a deservedly celebrated British thriller, THE THIRD MAN won Australian Robert Krasker an Oscar for Best Cinematography. Krasker’s experience in Germany studying the lighting and photography of the expressionist period, allowed him to apply an unforgettably dark and brooding atmosphere to the shadows, cobble-stone alley-ways and damaged grandeur of war-torn Vienna. The story follows a naïve American pulp-fiction novelist (Joseph Cotten) in his attempts to find an old friend who is now deeply embroiled in the post-war black-market and drug-dealing. Orson Welles revels in his scenes as the menacing Harry Lime, and the entire cast is perfect.   With an original screenplay by Graham Greene, and electrifying music on the zither by Anton Karas, the whole film is “a tender/tough classic” (Time Out), which can be re-visited endlessly, especially in this new 4k restoration.

Preceded by

NED WETHERED (1984, 11 mins) an award-winning short animation by Festival Guest Lee Whitmore recording memories of her childhood and a visitor who often called on the family. The minutiae of suburban lives is poignantly detailed.