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11:00AM - 27th Oct 2018

CIFF keynote film presented in association with the Friends of the NFSA

This riveting documentary by Russian-German director, Tatania Brandrup, focuses on the progressive depredations inflicted on the world-renowned Moscow Film Museum (the Musey Kino) by a succession of Russian bureaucracies. The film also details the heroic fight-back by the remaining staff and former staff to keep the flame alive. The Musey Kino was founded by the film historian Naum Kleiman in 1989: it had enormous importance in Moscow during the Glasnost years and for a new generation of Russian filmmakers. In 2005, the museum was evicted from its building in central Moscow and began a struggle to survive in makeshift temporary buildings, while Kleiman and his staff maintained a “Cinema in Exile” program of almost daily screenings in cinemas and museums across Moscow.

“A contemporary horror story – how a flourishing, idealistic, socially essential entity can be crushed by invisible official forces. … as the story goes on, we have a sense of celebration and the indispensible role of cinema in civilized society. If this is tragedy, the catharsis is supreme. Venceremos!” – program note, Pordenone Silent Film Festival.

For further information about the film go to: http://cinema-a-public-affair.com/en/